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Something that I have been intending to do for quite some time...

...or rather, was asked of me aaaages ago, and it's only now I've got around to doing so *blush*. It wasn't as irritating as I thought it would be, once I quit re-building them in a stupidly slow manner.

(Also it was a chance to get rid of the embarassingly stupid mess that lay beneath the surface. What the hell was I thinking with that?)

These *should* work right down to Ye Olde PS 6 as I've managed to avoid using any of the tools that changed throughout the versions, but as I no longer have any older versions to test on, this is entirely theoretical.

And even if you don't have an old version of Photoshop you should download these. I've tweaked some of the colours and hopefully burninated some of the worst pixelisation.

Under here, because the pictures are huge )

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So, I filled in the gaps left from what I showed you...

And then I went a bit crazy )
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(IDK, I just thought the plumbob balanced things out there :P )

Here we go )

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(This is mostly for guilt-tripping myself into doing so, otherwise it'll be ANOTHER month before I get around to it!)

- update of curly XM hair with new Pooklet texture + colours
- Raon 34 with Punkchique's textures and Pooklet's colours
- Rockabilly dresses in Pooklet's new colours
- Half the Truth dresses + docs redone with my and Pooklet's colours
- recolours and teen conversion (fuck yes! I finally managed to make a decent, working teen version of SOMETHING) of several of Jesstheex's dress on a bottom mesh outfits (you know the ones :P)
-recolours of various Amaryll/Fanseelamb male meshes in experimental autumn/jewel colours

Dear F/reading list, feel free to nag, threaten and cajole me until I fucking get off my arse and upload these things ;)


Apr. 18th, 2010 06:19 pm
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Would a couple of you wonderful people care to test out my daffodil meshes for me? So far they are working perfectly well within my game, but after rebuilding the packages about six times for my various stupidities (everything from forgetting the shadows, to trying to work out just why the slave meshes won't accept recolours) I'd like to have someone else try it in a totally different game.

The zip should contain five files, four mesh files and one (uncompressed) recolour. The meshes are master/slaved to the best of my ability and should pick up the recolour. I'd just like to know whether they a) show up as they should and b) if they look alright, as in there are no terrible graphical flaws

(insert standard warning about using files made by an incompetent n00b) :)

ETA: The shadow issue mentioned here is now fixed, thanks so much villamirabelle!

Updated link

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They don't tell you to change the GUIDs for nothing, you arse.


That fixed however, I am pretty sure that I now have six working clutter meshes of my making in game, five of which I believe to be appropriately scaled. I don't know what went wrong with the sixth. I think I got this repository thing working, though I am not sure if I have done something wrong in my laziness - is it okay to clone the rest of your slave objects from the first, manually done one? The clones of the slave object were already linked to the master for me, and it all worked in my game but, you know, I tend to make a total berk of myself over things like that.

I shall inflict you all with pictures tomorrow, once I am awake and fix the one bizzarely huge mesh. I'm gonna try (ha!) and get these done by next week, partly so that I have time to do some other stuff, but mostly because according to the snippy little email that our isp sent us, we are *this* close to going over the data limit and capping the interwebs and that, would be a Very Bad Thing.

Off to bed with me before I incoherently spam you lot any more :)

Har har har

Apr. 7th, 2010 10:01 pm
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I have meshed an object. It appears in game, and I managed to fix the wtf-worthy alpha issue that was making me headdesk around 6pm, and without screaming for help and flinging myself on the mercy of the first competent person I saw online XD

This makes me more happy then I should be.

That said, I think it's a little too big perhaps? I am not very well aquainted with that which are daffodils (they don't grow well up here, I think we only managed one, one year back when I was twelve) so thus I am not exactly sure just how big they are.

(Apologies for the dodgy hand-holding there, but I didn't have any cc in game)

So, thoughts? Suggestions? Halp!? XD

Now to try and turn this bastard into a master/slave object thing. Wish me luck :D


Apr. 7th, 2010 04:15 pm
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Dear Self.

When attempting to test an object, it does occasionally help to ensure that you have actually put the object in the downloads folder,

No love,


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