Jul. 16th, 2010 10:17 pm
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Toy Story 3 = <3 Just got back from it and wow :D I was kinda afraid of what would happen, and whether it would kill the first two for me, but all is good :D

(And that short :D Watching the 2D work there really kinda brings back that this is what I want to do with my life :D)

*trundles off to watch Le Tour*
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(This is mostly for guilt-tripping myself into doing so, otherwise it'll be ANOTHER month before I get around to it!)

- update of curly XM hair with new Pooklet texture + colours
- Raon 34 with Punkchique's textures and Pooklet's colours
- Rockabilly dresses in Pooklet's new colours
- Half the Truth dresses + docs redone with my and Pooklet's colours
- recolours and teen conversion (fuck yes! I finally managed to make a decent, working teen version of SOMETHING) of several of Jesstheex's dress on a bottom mesh outfits (you know the ones :P)
-recolours of various Amaryll/Fanseelamb male meshes in experimental autumn/jewel colours

Dear F/reading list, feel free to nag, threaten and cajole me until I fucking get off my arse and upload these things ;)
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If you are of the variety of person disinterested in Fluffy Overlords, leave now or forever hold your peace )

Still working on the flowers, even if I have been distracted by vases in which to put flowers in (somebody tell me not to even think about making things look like glass, please?...of course seeing as though TSR is made of suck and fail it does not matter that once again I fail at monthly deadlines ><), obsessively makings hats IRL and equally obsessively and somewhat embarrassingly, playing Harvest Moon. It is a hilariously wierd game, though I kinda wish they'd stuck with the HMDS/Cute pixel graphics. I miss pixel games.

BRB, sleeping off the last of this fucking lurgy.


Dec. 1st, 2009 12:02 am
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So a while ago, I was talking to [personal profile] bioluminescence about some retro colour actions that I had totally ripped off Pooklet made, promised to show/post them, and then promptly forgot about them in the madness that was the end of the year. I was really happy with them at the time but argh, going back to them I am somewhat disappointed.

Oh hai )

In other news, I may be coming around to like the whole sexy feet business, even if the polygon count is insane. I have been idly adding them and morphs to various things (those rolled up jeans from Club Crimsyn and my 50's swimsuits for starters)

I've also been plugging away at many many crocheted recolours of jonesi's blanket mesh, which will obviously not make it into the thrift theme, but that's okay, they don't look thrifty enough anyway. I do rather like them however, and I will be lumping at least fifty of the damned things on here. I'll put pictures up tomorrow when it is not 1.11am.

Also, has anyone tried to do that repository thing to existing meshes, and if they have, just how hard is it? I have always wanted to recolour the shit out of cocomama's quilt shop set, but dear god that thing would really, really benefit from being master/slaved. There's so many bits to it!

On that note, I will leave you in December. This scares me, because I am sure it was only just July, and that we did not actually experiance the intervening months. Where the hell did the year go?
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...otherwise known as Aelia is bored, and likes the sound of her own voice typing.

1) Trains.

To the dickhead who saw that at least eight people were running for the 8.04 train, and thus deliberately got in our way and started walking really really slowly in order to make us miss it? Way to be a cock. I hope karma comes and bites you on the arse.

Also, seriously people? Having a massive screaming argument with your signifigant other in the middle of the train? Not cool. Keep that kind of shit at home. We really, reaaaaally don't want to hear the gory details about how you hate him and how he is crap at sex at half eight in the morning. GTFO.

2) Thread crocheting is a bitch. My fingers are really rather sore from a) continually ramming the metal hook into them, and b) holy shit that thread is tough. I am however determined to make this.

I may or may not take a break from it to make the ridiculously bright purple beret I feel I need. Needs moar purple.

3) Speaking of crochet, I really want to make something for the november theme on GoS but I am not sure what. Would a stack of crocheted granny square blankets on various meshes fit the theme and be desirable? I was thinking too of a bunch of really long, vintage-y broomstick skirts on a new shiney mesh I am working on, but idk. I want to make a bunch of Gypsy Moon skirts on it too, but that definately isn't really thrifty.

4) It is wierdly difficult to remember how to make sims stuff after a month or two of not. I tried to retexture a hair last night, and failed so hard. >< I also had a huge, mental, todo list,and I have utterly forgotten it all.

I know learning how to hair mesh was on the list. Yes. I want to go back and remake that teeny pigtail mesh I tried months back to be less sucky, and I really want to try my hand at some decent dreadlock meshes, starting with a dreadlock updo. I have a character I want to sim, and Nouk's long dreads get a little boring after a while (never mind that they are too long for her)

5) Speaking of forgetting how to do things, I have utterly lost my ability to draw :( This greatly disappoints and upsets me as I used to be quite good at it. It is my mission over the break to regain my previous skill. You lot do not mind if I occasionally spam you with drawings?

6) I don't really have a six, but I am bored senseless, and embassrassed because my class just watched my film, and it is shit in comparison. I will have to leave the room tomorrow night when it comes on, because it is so crap. :( It is also my mission over the break to improve my animations skills, so that I might obtain a job in the industry, and more importantly, obtain my awesome goal of making animated feature films of people's books and comics, that ARE ACTUALLY TO THE FUCKING BOOK. I have always wanted, say, just one adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel that does not make me RAEGFACE at the stupid and arbitary changes that they seem to think are needed. Plus I think drawing Poirot and Hastings would be hilariously fun.

Er yes, that is all. I will stop spamming you with random crap, and do something constructive. I will attempt to make the next post here actually sims related.


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