Mar. 3rd, 2010 11:56 pm
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Overlockers are awesome. That is all.

(So is the teacher there too, she is (hopefully) going to help me with a 1950's dress pattern I purchased from Etsy a while ago, and was made of photocopied fail.


OKAY, yes, I am going to be attempting to make my rockabilly dress IRL for me to wear okay? WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING OF IT?? )

Tutorial coming, soon as I either work out WTF to do about pictures (yeah, I know some of mine have died too, but you think I keep the original files backed up? Nooo, I delete them soon as they upload. Fail Aelia, fail.) or get enraged and make it into a downloadable html file. 

Off to bed for me, for I should not be writting chatty journals at 12.08 am, particularly after a long day.  
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Or whatever deity (or not) it is that you suscribe to. I rather like Zeus for reasons that can only be garnered by repeated viewings of Jason and the Argonauts. (Harryhausen FTW!)

Er, that aside, I am SO fucking glad class is over for a semester and that I have a month of not having to catch the sardine cans that the Brisbane council claims are 'trains'.  All I have to do now is email a few last minute things to one of my teachers and I ARE FINISHED!

Which pretty much means I'll put up the dresses I showed you the other day, plus all the random other crap I've assimilated since in the next couple of days. This will likely as not be right after I consume my body weight's worth in chocolate, coffee and various other foodstuffs that bring me pleasure.

ETA: Hee, forgot to add that I found a dress pattern of awesome -[]=tags

It got here last weekend, and now that I have a month off, I fully intend to make it. With I suspect a lot of help from my mother.


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