Aug. 17th, 2010 10:04 pm
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...you know, I really hate it when several people have invaded every forum, every tutorial and every Q&A post regarding flash scenes and go on and on and on and ON about how scenes in flash suck and how terrible they are and how you should really work on the root timeline and use movie clips instead and so on and so forth so a person can't find the answer they're looking for.

You know what I really, really fucking hate? 

It's when they're right.

I've been trying to get this damned point and click 'game' working for weeks now using scenes and running into the most insane, arbitary and irritating problems.

Half an hour later after linking things to the timeline? the base programming* is done, ready for me to start animating.

*if you could call endless buttons with 'on release, goto and play scene 1 frame x' (or whatever it is) programming. I certainly don't.

(I'm actually really excited about doing this, even though I'm planning on going waaaay OTT with this one. If I can pull it off, and I think I can, it'll be a tidy little portfolio piece)

Sims related (yeah, this journal has turned from 'aelia uploads a lot of pretty coloured things' to 'aelia talks a lot about shit, promises stuff that never appears and is generally boring' Sorry about that ;) ) stuff soon, like a couple of requests I've taken on, and some of the stuff I've shown you. Now I've gotten the SS out of the way I'm free to do what I want :)
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(This is mostly for guilt-tripping myself into doing so, otherwise it'll be ANOTHER month before I get around to it!)

- update of curly XM hair with new Pooklet texture + colours
- Raon 34 with Punkchique's textures and Pooklet's colours
- Rockabilly dresses in Pooklet's new colours
- Half the Truth dresses + docs redone with my and Pooklet's colours
- recolours and teen conversion (fuck yes! I finally managed to make a decent, working teen version of SOMETHING) of several of Jesstheex's dress on a bottom mesh outfits (you know the ones :P)
-recolours of various Amaryll/Fanseelamb male meshes in experimental autumn/jewel colours

Dear F/reading list, feel free to nag, threaten and cajole me until I fucking get off my arse and upload these things ;)


Jun. 4th, 2010 11:45 pm
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...So apparently I have a job now :) Nothing spectacular, couple of hours in the afternoon for a couple of days a week in a gift store, but shit, I am glad to have something.

Not that there is much point because I ventured into the Valley on Wednesday and found something of a holy grail - a wool/yarn shop that was NOT SPOTLIGHT (FUCK YES NON CHAIN STORES!) and had plain, brightly coloured wool of a awesome quality, which is surprisingly hard to find. I very nearly went crazy.

(Tangled Yarns is the place if you're a fellow Brisbanite :D Well worth the look in)

Now to find a way to make monies out of this drawing thing, work out a tropfest entry idea, GET FUCKING CRACKING ON SAME, and the like. I am going to be a success at this shit, dammit, if it kills me.

Rambling Aelia is rambling. I am off to bed before I make a bigger arse of myself.

(Sims related: just haven't been in the mood lately. I'll get over it, I've not been in the mood for much lately. I hate winter (all four days of it; and in queensland to boot, but still), I hate this gloomy weather, and I really hate this getting dark at four rubbish. Blagh)

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So it seems a bunch of people have been using my actions lately, which makes me really quite incredibly happy.

Nilou's added some <i>much</i> needed shading on some Fakepeep's outfits (a jumper and a skirt) and recoloured them in a few of my colours

Simgaroop, apart from being generally awesome, has done some (Maxis Match) hair in them here. (She's also created a monster, I am definately thinking of adding a few colours to any hair retextures I release in the future :D )

And finally Bagfran has recoloured the frames of the fabled BV collectable poster mesh in said colours here

(I know there's been some others recently, but I cannot for the life of me remember who or where - I haven't left you out on purpose or anything, so if I've forgotten you, give me a kick up the arse and I'll add you here)

In other news, it's stinking hot still, I have a little stuff I need to post, and I am seeing Toy Story 1 & 2 with a friend on Thursday. In 3D. I am seriously hoping that it's awesome, I love Toy Story (though am worried about the new one) and I've not seen a 3D film since I was eight or nine (and even then it was a dodgy Sea World job)

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Would anyone be interested in a fixed version of Adele's rockstar hoodies? Ones that don't pick up the textures from the bottoms and slap them on the hood part? The only downside would be that the textures would need reimporting?


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