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Apr. 18th, 2010 06:19 pm
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Would a couple of you wonderful people care to test out my daffodil meshes for me? So far they are working perfectly well within my game, but after rebuilding the packages about six times for my various stupidities (everything from forgetting the shadows, to trying to work out just why the slave meshes won't accept recolours) I'd like to have someone else try it in a totally different game.

The zip should contain five files, four mesh files and one (uncompressed) recolour. The meshes are master/slaved to the best of my ability and should pick up the recolour. I'd just like to know whether they a) show up as they should and b) if they look alright, as in there are no terrible graphical flaws

(insert standard warning about using files made by an incompetent n00b) :)

ETA: The shadow issue mentioned here is now fixed, thanks so much villamirabelle!

Updated link

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Second last (for now!), Migamoo's Mixtape boardshorts added to Pooklet's editted top mesh. Only really, it's the other way around.

(Again with the having the wrong mesh in game, but eh. So long as it works)

I really wish there were more skintones for this mesh. GP's edit of HP's (heh) are too yellowy for my taste, and these aren't my favourite either.

BUT ANYWAY. Less whining from me.


(there's also a magenta-ish one i nthere  that I would have screencapped but Gadwin crapped out on me)

Sexy Feet

Block Feet

One last pair of togs to go and then tutorial tiem, then some other stuff. I might try and do the same kinda thing for a few other body shapes too, any suggestions?

EDIT: Fixed link for sexy feet mesh.

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So I continue on tonight with the posting of meshes totally stolen and mashed together by me to create something more usable for the androgeny mesh.

(By something usable, I really mean something that can have textures copied and pasted on without all this tedious mucking about in hyperspace photoshop :) )

This one contains absolutely nothing made/editted by me, as I have simultaneously yoinked (again) Pooklet's edit of the top, Gelydh's sleepless child mesh with morphs added by Yuichen and JenW's retextures slapped on.

(For some irritating reason I had the maxis feet version in my game rather than the sexy feet. Argh)

See the four colours I c&pied over,

Download the colours here

And the meshes, either

Sexy Feet
Maxis Feet

I would have had all these posted sooner, but in a shocking turn of events, people have been inviting me places.

And in a further shocking turn of events I have been going. The end is nigh folks. :D

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Done a while ago, as a request for someone on GoS, I decided, while clearing out my downloads folder that it was about time that I redid the colours, and added morphs. And sexy feet.

All of my Retro colours are included, as are Pooklet's neons. Each colour also comes in a plain version and one with polkadots, because what the world really needs is more polkadots! You'll have to grab the mesh seperately, because I did both a sexy-footed version, and a maxis version.


Sexy Feet
Maxis Feet


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