Jul. 16th, 2010 10:17 pm
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Toy Story 3 = <3 Just got back from it and wow :D I was kinda afraid of what would happen, and whether it would kill the first two for me, but all is good :D

(And that short :D Watching the 2D work there really kinda brings back that this is what I want to do with my life :D)

*trundles off to watch Le Tour*


Jul. 15th, 2010 10:22 am
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I have come to the (completely non-unique and frankly late to the party) belief that Nouk's hair meshes are only great if one desires nothing but a simple re-texture. Anything more complex than that, and everything goes to shit really quickly.

I realise that many people came to this conclusion months ago, but let me whinge :P
largeish pic this way )

Now if you will excuse me, I need lunch before I go to work


Jul. 8th, 2010 04:52 pm
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You hate me, don't you computer?

BRB computer shop time. >:| It is, as far as I know (and fingers crossed!!) it's just the connector bit for the second monitor, which was about thirty bucks.

... and can someone explain to me just why tinypic is suddenly in German?

EDIT: WHOOOT. It was the connector, I now have a normal screen once more, and best of all, it was only a nine dollar piece :D
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...if someone was to have edited Nouk's floppy mohawk mesh to uh, look like it wasn't in dire need of some patented nasal delivery system (God I am sick of those ads!), and if someone didn't discover to her very great annoyance that somebody hadn't already done it (has anyone? Never seen it, or I would have eagerly obtained it) would you prefer it as a replacement for her mesh, or a new mesh? And would there be interest in a male version?

This is all totally theoretically speaking of course ;)

BRB, theoretically meshing, and screencaping a filmclip. My LJ/DW is in dire need of more evil mimes
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But between work and having to dash all the way up to a friends house to retrieve the wallet I stupidly left there, I ran out of time...

...so here's some pictures of a orange bucket with a kitten in it

I'm so glad this camera is a pain to get out and find lenses for, otherwise I would take way too many pictures of him )
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BRB, Lego Harry Potter :)

ETA : while I wait for it to install..

To anyone and everyone who has commented on something of mine recently, and I have utterly failed to reply to, thank you, and sorry for being such a slackarse. I will attempt to get onto that tonight/tomorrow morning.

Stuff soon, I have a pooklet'd senate hair I (eventually) did as a request for pineapple on GoS (if you're on LJ/DW Pineapple, sorry for being a slackarse ;) ) As much as I like Senate's clothes, I hate his hair. The mapping is terrible and unfixable.

Also, previews of some pretty awesome...er, in my totally humble opinon and all, stuff soon. 
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...So, in a shirt mesh, which would you prefer, one mesh around about 3000ish (probably lower) or two weighing in at about 1600 ish each. (there's some overlap that can be killed in combining them) ??

...just experimenting with just how far this whole texture overlapping thing can be carried. I have got a rather awesome idea that I'm hoping can be pulled off, but it involves rather a lot of alpha parts :D
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(IDK, I just thought the plumbob balanced things out there :P )

Here we go )


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