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Oct. 16th, 2017 06:39 pm
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Pen-dips prompt:
12) Your character has been handed a child that looks nothing like them, but everyone insists that it is their child.

So this is hilarious because of Morgan and Leeloo. (SG-23 'verse.)

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Teal Dear:
The joke is, Morgan totally has a kid that looks nothing like her. Because one is human and the other is an adopted alien.

OC tober - flashback

Oct. 16th, 2017 05:33 pm
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This prompt is from the pen-dips list for the 5th. "How does your character walk? What do their footsteps sound like?" My brain decided this meant what kind of shoes.

Kit - Barefoot is soft pat-pat-pat. She's digigrade so less foot hits than a standard human. She's got custom boots with arch and ankle support for shoe wearing occasions.

Morgan Pryce- Combat boots. Quick steps with a destination.
Leeloo - Wears sandals. Depending on which ankle brace those are sometimes more hardcore sandals.

Monoshi - 2 tooth geta outside. Stocking feet inside. Sometimes fox paws.

En Wendesday - cowboy boots
Skald - big stompy goth boots or pointy toed trad goth boots
Forgetful & Mumbles - converse. vans. surplus army boots.
Bridget - Expensive fashionable shoes. Often flats or kitten heels. Sometimes skyscraper heels.

Lis - Varies widely. Adventuring boots. Soft fashionable boots. Embroidered pointy toed slippers.
Arad - Sturdy boots. Plays at being the muscle so he doesn't have to wear stupid looking shoes.
Issa- Fashionable boots with soft soles the better for sneaking in.
Aravis - Doesn't play those games and gets to wear comfy ankle high boots in her nice infirmary and research library and no one ever tries to kill her. Does own 2 pairs embroidered pointy toed house slippers. One is lined in fur for winter.

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Oct. 13th, 2017 10:08 pm
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I've had a rough week. In an attempt to write something, anything, I give you 10 random things about Kit.

1. Her favorite color is pink.

2. Pastel goth wasn't a phrase when I came up with her style, but totally a pastel goth.

3. She speaks a bunch of languages, but only because she learned through telepathy. Like, what's the point of having telepathic friends if you don't use it to cheat at skill acquisition.

4. The first time she met Logan was when she shook him out of a nightmare because "it's in the caring for your empath handbook. If you don't maintain your calm I will maintain it for you." She shook his feet btw. She's not stupid.

5. When she was sixteen all her fingernails fell off and she grew claws instead. They're retractable. It was a weird month.

6. She's a kind person. It's a choice not a naturally occurring trait.

7. Wears a lot of skirts and dresses because wearing pants while having a tail requires tailoring. There have been a lot of jokes about build-a-bear butts over the years.

8. Owns a really unnecessary amount of clothing with cats and related phrases on it. Like half her wardrobe. Finds it hilarious. Has consistently owned a hoodie with cat ears since she was 15.

9. Smokes. She's gone through phases where she quits. Sometimes for years. Next big stressful thing happens and she buys a pack. Keeps trying to quit for good. Started in high school. (I've a head-cannon that a lot of the X-Kids smoked. It's relatively inexpensive short term stress relief.)

10. All her boots are custom. Stupid semi anthropomorphised feet. Has to be careful about arch and ankle support.

I've got a pinterest board going for Kit. Mostly high school to young adult at present.

My general X-Kid board is https://www.pinterest.com/harperschild/diary-of-an-x-kid/
Diary of an X-Kid is the name of the zine Kit and Piotr did in high school.

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Oct. 12th, 2017 05:53 pm
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I've fallen in love. This is a beautiful rendition.

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Oct. 8th, 2017 07:50 pm
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1. I'm firmly in the hangover stage of migraine hell. The ability to tell when the next band of rain will start plus/minus 2 minutes is overrated.

2. Missed the entirety of the con. Which sucks because I was going to hangout with people and maybe buy some fanart. On the other hand I barely left bed yesterday. Leaving the house was beyond me. The SU drank too much Friday night and was sick much of yesterday morning. Luckily he was at the hotel so I missed it.

3. I am several days behind on OC-tober. I have a prompt from tumblr I'm working on. (It turned into FFXV porn of the longstanding relationship diner bathroom hookup kind. No regrets.) I have worked on none of that. My plans for the evening are playing Overwatch and maybe food at some point.

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Oct. 6th, 2017 01:32 am
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1. We're getting a hurricane. Yay. My head hurts so bad I may be actually dying. If only I wasn't allergic to the fucking pain pills in my cabinet. Or had found any migraine medication at all that worked even a little bit.

2. The front moving through and the pressure differential mean every joint in my entire body but especially the ones in my legs are filled with napalm. Again, I may be actually dying.

3. I am being victimized by my own gastrointestinal tract. Probably migraine/pain related. The worst seems to have passed.

4. I am supposed to volunteer at a local con this weekend. While the hurricane is happening. On the plus side my ticket is comped. On the down side the SU and I have paid for the hotel room. (Contraflow if anyone is wondering. I'll be hanging out with Area 51 so say hi if you go.) I am specifically supposed to sell tickets to the CoG show Saturday night.

5. I may skip the con to die at home in peace.

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Oct. 3rd, 2017 07:32 pm
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To talk about Kit I've got to go back to the beginning. According to IMDB X-Men came out in 2000. Which seems a year or two late to my own recollections, but time and I don't get along so I'll defer to other people on this one. I'd been dabbling at the edges of X-Men fandom for a little bit before the movie came out which may fuzz up my personal timeline anyway. I think Kit used to be a year or two younger than me even though now we're the same age.

So I was either 16 or 17 and X-Men was big. I was finally getting to a mental place where I could start processing the trauma of grade school. (I've got a couple posts up talking about that. I'm not going to today.) I was still depressed and anxious. I've terrible brain chemistry. It seems like there were a million online tests and quizzes to find out your X-Men powers and everyone was making OCs.

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If you read this, can you drop a comment saying so? Putting this out there makes me feel super vulnerable. It can literally be "I read this".


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