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...only I can't really be sure.

So as previously mentioned and previewed, Pineapple on GoS requested some Pooklet'd Senate hair. I said that I'd give it a shot and...

..., well, the usual thing that happens to me when I take on requests happened. I took a month, hated it, wanted to kill it and give up, but seeing as though I promised it, I had to finish it.

(Actually as it turned out, I'd technically already retextured this hair - the part that sentate uses for the head is from a store mesh that I retextured ages ago during a brief maxis match phase. I stole that texture, overlayed Pooklet's texture to get the shine, and poked at the maxis braid texture until it vaguely matched.)

So, technically I did 'finish' it, in a manner of speaking, without my going too batty over it. However I am at the point where I cannot actually stand to look at it a moment longer, and thus cannot bring myself to take in game shots.

So you get this. A bloody great swatch shot here, and the naturals, linked as shown in the pictures (I *like* my old lady purple thank you very much, and it makes things tidy). The few neons I experimented with turned out even mushier than the naturals.


(you'll need to get the mesh seperately)

On a hopefully prettier note though, I went back and had a play with the new colours I used on those skirt-dresses of Jessi's I recoloured the other day (Just how many jess/jessy/jessi's are in this comm anyway? Is confusing...though, not as confusing I guess as the seven or so people in the sims comm that go by my IRL name. I keep seeing posts by 'Kate', do a double take and think 'I didn't write that' until I realise that I don't go by that here)

I'm a lot happier with them now than I was then, but a few still need a bit of work.

In a link because I forgot to resize, and it's really rather large.

The rust (dark red), brown and the brighter blue need the most work, and I'm not sure about the purple. Hints anyone? Or colours that I missed?

(Actually I lie, I was happy, until, bizzarely, I rambled again through that fantastically dangerous site known as Ravelry. First I found  these (and it is very pretty yarn, I have two skeins of Carnelian that I keep patting) and then some fool linked me to this. And other than the fact that  Ireally cannot justify spending 38 - 42 dollars on a skein of wool (and that's without the conversion rates), not when I really need to get me a legitimate copy of certain programs for career purposes,  I cannot resist. And I need all of those colours. Save me?)


Date: 2010-07-17 07:35 pm (UTC)
jesslove: (emilie autumn --> tea!)
From: [personal profile] jesslove
The hair looks terribly pretty! I'm not a fan of the mesh so I won't be nabbing, but at least you finished finally. :)

And the dresses look pretty too. I love the apple green one in there. And I think that there is Jessi and then there's me. Those are the only two Jess's I've seen and I always call her by Jessi, partly because I like to go by Jess (sometimes Jessy) and also because her DW has it in the name. :P

Date: 2010-07-17 11:13 pm (UTC)
curiousb: (Default)
From: [personal profile] curiousb
Well done on the hair - it doesn't look an easy one to tame!

And the dresses look splendid; just personal preference, but I'd love to see a sort of mauvey-blue colour (like Pooklet's HMX, but not quite so neony). :)


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