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2011-03-22 12:43 am
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Colour Actions Decrapified + Reference Images

Something that I have been intending to do for quite some time...

...or rather, was asked of me aaaages ago, and it's only now I've got around to doing so *blush*. It wasn't as irritating as I thought it would be, once I quit re-building them in a stupidly slow manner.

(Also it was a chance to get rid of the embarassingly stupid mess that lay beneath the surface. What the hell was I thinking with that?)

These *should* work right down to Ye Olde PS 6 as I've managed to avoid using any of the tools that changed throughout the versions, but as I no longer have any older versions to test on, this is entirely theoretical.

And even if you don't have an old version of Photoshop you should download these. I've tweaked some of the colours and hopefully burninated some of the worst pixelisation.

Under here, because the pictures are huge )

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2010-06-04 11:45 pm


...So apparently I have a job now :) Nothing spectacular, couple of hours in the afternoon for a couple of days a week in a gift store, but shit, I am glad to have something.

Not that there is much point because I ventured into the Valley on Wednesday and found something of a holy grail - a wool/yarn shop that was NOT SPOTLIGHT (FUCK YES NON CHAIN STORES!) and had plain, brightly coloured wool of a awesome quality, which is surprisingly hard to find. I very nearly went crazy.

(Tangled Yarns is the place if you're a fellow Brisbanite :D Well worth the look in)

Now to find a way to make monies out of this drawing thing, work out a tropfest entry idea, GET FUCKING CRACKING ON SAME, and the like. I am going to be a success at this shit, dammit, if it kills me.

Rambling Aelia is rambling. I am off to bed before I make a bigger arse of myself.

(Sims related: just haven't been in the mood lately. I'll get over it, I've not been in the mood for much lately. I hate winter (all four days of it; and in queensland to boot, but still), I hate this gloomy weather, and I really hate this getting dark at four rubbish. Blagh)

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2010-02-24 05:44 pm
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Only me...

Can somebody please explain just how the fuck I managed to give myself a papercut under my arm? Please? Because it fucking hurts like hell and I have no idea how I did that.

BRB, sewing lesson. I will probably find new and inventive ways to maim myself with a sewing machine XD

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2010-02-03 07:09 pm
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I wish...

...that somebody would either add, or tell me that it exists, and how to enable it, this...

...shiney little feature in Milkshape. Seriously. Please?

(Basically what it does, is turn that entire layer into a reference layer, which locks it entirely and makes it utterly unselectable, which means no more inadvertent selecting and moving of vertices that should not be movied. It is fantastic. If it is possible in Milkshape and I am an arse who has never encountered it, please, tell me so that I might abuse it to hell and back.)

I will upload those togs tonight, soon as I have dinner, and stop whining about goddamn midge bites. Argh.

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2010-01-06 10:00 pm
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...why on earth are stitches in Australian books and patterns named differently from stitches in US and UK patterns? Why is a HDC in US terms a half treble here? This is incredibly annoying, particularly when one has been ripping one's hair out over why a particular pattern will not turn out?

No love,

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2009-11-13 05:53 pm
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No exclaimation mark, for I am far too tired to even think straight.

I am done with my film. It is with Terry, about to go on the end of year dvd for screening night in all it's faceless, shitty glory, and I am so fucking glad I don't have to look at it again.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am fetching both the bottle of green ginger wine, and the bottle of ginger ale as a mixer (it should be noted that I am a fucking lightweight) and a good book and am going to relax. It will be fucking fantastic.