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2011-06-04 03:34 pm
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List of Things I am Doing.

Because lists make me feel guilty, and guilt makes me get things done.

Sort of. It's the only motivation I have at the moment, I hate the low light that comes with winter.

  • Finish TS3 semi mohawk conversion (85%? done, just tweaking the mesh and applying Pooklet's colours)
  • Alien Skin(s) (70% done, finish adding spots, compile packages and write mini tutorial on how to recolour the psd)
  • This TS3 hair (0% done, I am merely just attempting to claim it :P If you desperately want it however and are more motivated than I, go ahead and convert it )
  • Rip and convert Titan Quest meshes (10% ish? Meshes and textures have been ripped, but I need to wade through the good the bad and the useless and see how many are fesable)
  • Other miscellaneous projects such as finishing those goddamned cut flower meshes that have been sitting around for months, a few clothing projects, sock and stocking/tights overlay boxes (I am wierd like that plus think of all the tights/no tights versions one could weed out with such a thing) and a few ridiculously ambitous projects that I shan't mention until I know if I can do them
  • Finding *some* form of employment (Ongoing. Had a really good interview and a batshit crazy trial day which I have to go do again sometime in the next couple of weeks hopefully because they were in the middle of moving warehouses on the day I was there so basically it meant I sat there looking confused while they bitched out tradesmen all day. )
  • Attempting to live somewhere else that is not my parents house (Ha. See also, winning the lottery. Stupid rental prices)
  • Get off arse and obtain license. (20?%. I am getting better, and the sooner I am good enough to drive on the road with other people it will make the whole 100 supervised hours a hell of a lot easier to obtain. Dear self, you have two years before brother is old enough to also be learning, get going. :P)
  • Purchase Harry Potter tickets for tomorrrow (they're replaying all the movies up to the release of the last, and Equally Obessesed friend and I plan to go to them all ($7 movies? hell yes I am there!)
  • Whine less. An on going project :D
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2010-08-17 10:04 pm

...fine know, I really hate it when several people have invaded every forum, every tutorial and every Q&A post regarding flash scenes and go on and on and on and ON about how scenes in flash suck and how terrible they are and how you should really work on the root timeline and use movie clips instead and so on and so forth so a person can't find the answer they're looking for.

You know what I really, really fucking hate? 

It's when they're right.

I've been trying to get this damned point and click 'game' working for weeks now using scenes and running into the most insane, arbitary and irritating problems.

Half an hour later after linking things to the timeline? the base programming* is done, ready for me to start animating.

*if you could call endless buttons with 'on release, goto and play scene 1 frame x' (or whatever it is) programming. I certainly don't.

(I'm actually really excited about doing this, even though I'm planning on going waaaay OTT with this one. If I can pull it off, and I think I can, it'll be a tidy little portfolio piece)

Sims related (yeah, this journal has turned from 'aelia uploads a lot of pretty coloured things' to 'aelia talks a lot about shit, promises stuff that never appears and is generally boring' Sorry about that ;) ) stuff soon, like a couple of requests I've taken on, and some of the stuff I've shown you. Now I've gotten the SS out of the way I'm free to do what I want :)
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2010-06-04 11:45 pm


...So apparently I have a job now :) Nothing spectacular, couple of hours in the afternoon for a couple of days a week in a gift store, but shit, I am glad to have something.

Not that there is much point because I ventured into the Valley on Wednesday and found something of a holy grail - a wool/yarn shop that was NOT SPOTLIGHT (FUCK YES NON CHAIN STORES!) and had plain, brightly coloured wool of a awesome quality, which is surprisingly hard to find. I very nearly went crazy.

(Tangled Yarns is the place if you're a fellow Brisbanite :D Well worth the look in)

Now to find a way to make monies out of this drawing thing, work out a tropfest entry idea, GET FUCKING CRACKING ON SAME, and the like. I am going to be a success at this shit, dammit, if it kills me.

Rambling Aelia is rambling. I am off to bed before I make a bigger arse of myself.

(Sims related: just haven't been in the mood lately. I'll get over it, I've not been in the mood for much lately. I hate winter (all four days of it; and in queensland to boot, but still), I hate this gloomy weather, and I really hate this getting dark at four rubbish. Blagh)

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2010-05-04 10:08 pm
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Okay self, the next time you think that fucking about with your tablet settings is a good idea?


You will spend the next four hours teeth-gnashing in rage as you try and get it back to the settings that, y'know, work.

And I swear these nibs don't last as long as they used to.

And...I am in the process of setting up a art/animation based journal on here for me to dump sketchy type wips and such that don't really belong on my DA or that I don't wish to be seen by various RL friends until they're done and dusted.

That and silly little animation type things while I try and sort out a) a job in said field and b) a Tropfest entry.

[personal profile] aelia_art if you're interested :) It'll likely as not start off with some crappy gestural/pose maniacs drawings, but I gotta start somewhere.