Dec. 1st, 2009 12:02 am
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So a while ago, I was talking to [personal profile] bioluminescence about some retro colour actions that I had totally ripped off Pooklet made, promised to show/post them, and then promptly forgot about them in the madness that was the end of the year. I was really happy with them at the time but argh, going back to them I am somewhat disappointed.

Oh hai )

In other news, I may be coming around to like the whole sexy feet business, even if the polygon count is insane. I have been idly adding them and morphs to various things (those rolled up jeans from Club Crimsyn and my 50's swimsuits for starters)

I've also been plugging away at many many crocheted recolours of jonesi's blanket mesh, which will obviously not make it into the thrift theme, but that's okay, they don't look thrifty enough anyway. I do rather like them however, and I will be lumping at least fifty of the damned things on here. I'll put pictures up tomorrow when it is not 1.11am.

Also, has anyone tried to do that repository thing to existing meshes, and if they have, just how hard is it? I have always wanted to recolour the shit out of cocomama's quilt shop set, but dear god that thing would really, really benefit from being master/slaved. There's so many bits to it!

On that note, I will leave you in December. This scares me, because I am sure it was only just July, and that we did not actually experiance the intervening months. Where the hell did the year go?
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Would anyone be interested in a fixed version of Adele's rockstar hoodies? Ones that don't pick up the textures from the bottoms and slap them on the hood part? The only downside would be that the textures would need reimporting?


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