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...from this side of the globe. Pretty sure Sydney and New Zealand beat us to it, but what the hell!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm dragging my didn't -get-invited-to-any-parties backside back to the window and watching the local entertainment unfold - two cop cars (one with the prisoner-wagon-ey thing on the back) + the local hellspawns having one of their epic drunken parties (now with added illegal fireworks!) equals much hilarity.

In other news, I'm not dead, though incredibly glad to see the back of 2010. Oh yes.

(Even if it means I am once again unemployed. Guess January is to be the month of the jobseeker!)

I'm probably going to be taking a little break from making things - yeah yeah, other than that five month break I already took :P. I need to get my ass back into gear regarding the whole art/animation thing - I figure if I can't find a job, I will just have to make one - plus I seem to have lost my mojo sims-creation wise. I get too bogged down wanting to make everything, and then feeling that i have to share, and I actually this year want to be able to play my game. What I do make this year is actually going to be done properly, the way *I* like and at a sensible pace rather then just flinging it together and tossing it up like I usually do.

('course now that I've written that, I'll get said mojo back and start creating like mad again, making me look like a right attention whore in the process, but hey, if that's what it takes... ;) This is why I don't make New Years resolutions! )

Now if you'll excuse me, my celebratory beverage has somewhat gone to my head and I should probably head off to bed before I cease being able to spell (HA!) and type correctly and make a bigger fool of myself than usual!)

Date: 2010-12-31 11:19 pm (UTC)
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We probably didn't beat you to it in Sydney, though NZ beat us both by 2 hours.


They went nuts with the fireworks over here, too. I noticed them start going off just before 9pm and they were still going by the time I passed out around 12:30am.


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