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...because let's face it, if I fail at putting up one in time for day one, then that really does not bode well for the rest of the month XD


First off, yet moar recolours of that old Rockabilly dress I did sometime last year, with Gelydh's wedges this time.

It has a fat morph, and a preg morph that I desperately need to fix, as it was based off a TMO belly which makes it look like some bizzare alien spawn is about to emerge.

Moar pics here, here and here, and a swatch of all the colours here

Download here and have a PSD here. The PSD is of something of an unorganised mess so be forwarned

And in the line of object recolours which are much easier than I thought they were. Have a bunch of recolours of Shannigan's retro radio ('tis at the shithole known as TSR, so the mesh is included)

Download here

And some retro TVs. I told you the pictures were huge. Have I ever mentioned howmuch I hate preview pictures?

Er, these are recolours of Nixy's retextures of a mesh that is from a lost site. I think that's right anyway. The mesh is included as well

Grab them here

Three more things before I vanish, the actions for the colours above. I pulled one of Pooklet's actions apart to see how they worked (duuude. Adjustment layers; why the fuck did I not know about those wonderous things before??) and cobbled together my own colours palette from them. Said actions are somewhat messy inside, but they do the job. For these, you'll need to start from a flattened background layer, and use a white, or pale grey base texture to get the colours shown. Do what you will with these, only give me a link so that I might oggle.


Aand, on the fixed Adele mesh I did a little while back, I've 'fixed' Yuichen's Circuts in the Sea hoodies. These were the reason I fixed the meshes in the first place, I was just too lazy to do these textures to begin with. All credit goes to her, I just copy and pasted.



I'm pretty sure I didn't include the meshes, go get them here

And on that long winded note, I am going to go finish the thing for today so that I am caught up on this advent business. Then to work on my SS gift XD
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