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Aug. 19th, 2017 03:31 am
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I have a terrible habit of not sleeping before I travel. I don't know why. Turning off the computer and going to lay down for a few hours.

Taking a shower at almost 3 am was probably a not terribly bright idea, but I was hoping it'd relax me enough to nap. No dice.

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Aug. 18th, 2017 08:15 pm
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1. (x-posted from tumblr) Tomorrow I'm getting on a plane to go visit smallest sister and coastie b-i-l until next Thursday. We'll be doing eclipse stuff and celebrating my mom's birthday. I'll have my tablet with me. DW is certainly getting checked. Email is a maybe. Tumblr is right out. I don't do mobile tumbling. Stuffed the queue. Drop a comment on DW if you need me.

2. Someone is going through and reporting pins of celtic (gaul etc) coins and maps and similar on pinterest. Like??? Multiple sources so I'm pretty sure it's an individual. I don't get the point? Like how were pictures of pre-rome and roman-era coinage offending you? Why are you reporting maps of what tribes were where? What is the point?

3. I burned my hand not too terribly though I've got a slick spot on my right middle finger that hurts when I poke it. Icing my hand until I wanted to scream seems to have done some good.

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Aug. 17th, 2017 11:39 pm
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1. burned the crap out of one of my fingers making dinner tonight. hasn't blistered so far, but hurts. we only have 2 ice packs and no cube ice. both ice packs are currently in the freezer getting cold again.

2. i'm going out of town on Saturday through Thursday to visit smallest sister for the eclipse and to celebrate mom's birthday. we're kinda playing what stuff we're doing by ear. i'm not looking forward to air travel, but at least it's a short flight.

3. the SU played final fantasy xv and i tripped and read a lot of fic on ao3 so that's kind of being a fandom for me right now. i'd have liked the game more if there had been you know women in it, but the main 4 characters give me feels. i'd like to talk about it, but have determined that the fandom and i have different ideas on things. (like reducing the hereditary family that protects the king/queen and heirs to a bunch of dumb jocks despite the face the shield we spend the most time with literally is reading during all his downtime. gladio is a nerd and i will die on this hill.)

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Aug. 9th, 2017 01:15 am
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Things I've noticed since I'm no longer employed:

1. I want to wear makeup more. Like I painted my nails the last week of work and hadn't in forever. But I've put on lipstick and eyeliner for no reason more since July 28th than I have the entire rest of the year. I've attended 4 weddings and done makeup for those, but hadn't done just for me fun stuff. I do that now.

2. I spent most of last week lying down in bed or on the couch because of weather related migraine. It looks like I'll spend a chunk of this week doing the same. I'm not feeling guilty about that.

3. I pulled stuff out the other day to make an art. Most of it was prep and then I got distracted by the idea of doing a doll related project so there's stuff all over the big table. (We only use the dining room table for board games and projects so leaving stuff out is okay.) And the doll stuff is in situ for the foreseeable future /and that's okay/. I don't have to be productive.

4. I've been wearing a lot of dresses. The kind made out of t-shirt material. I've got 3 A shaped sleeveless ones and a few that are basically long polo shirts. I'm not sure why those are my go to, but they are.

5. My knees don't hurt. I mean they still ache and are clearly still disabled person knees, but they don't feel like someone has jammed needles into the squishy bits and is playing with them. Which may be a slightly graphic metaphor, but it's very late.

6. I have planned a simple meal for tomorrow. Took the meat out the freezer and checked the pantry for the rest. I haven't wanted to cook in literal years at this point. It's not a particularly strong urge right now, but the urge to care take is stronger than my food aversion. So.


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